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ADR Experience and Background

We are accomplished trial attorneys, and have been formally ADR-trained and often serve as mediators. From minor two-party conflicts to multimillion-dollar corporate matters, we use arbitration and mediation to resolve disputes in all civil areas. 

We counsel clients on how to incorporate ADR into their everyday business practices. We work with clients to prepare contract provisions, organizational procedures, and guidelines on using mediation to settle commercial disputes and internal matters.

Mediation Proceedings

Mediation may take many different forms, and mediators often follow their own unique paths to understand a dispute and effectuate a settlement between the parties. We represent our clients in a wide range of mediation proceedings. Often, a favorable settlement can be reached without having to go through trial.

Elizabeth Duff has conducted and participated in numerous Civil and Family Mediations as she believes that Alternative Dispute Resolution is an integral part of the litigation system. She also volunteers her time as a mediator through the Fort Bend County Dispute Resolution Center. Elizabeth was trained as a mediator through the A.A. White Dispute Resolution Center at the University of Houston in the 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training and also completed the Fort Bend County Dispute Resolution Center 24 hour Family Mediation Training.

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